About Us

Mekaela Academies is the umbrella organisation for five private schools in Kenya founded in 1993 by members of the German charitable society "Watoto e.V.". Approximately 1,300 children attend the schools: Manuel Alexander School, Likunda Primary School, Mekaela Lulu Girl's School, Mekaela Ratinga School and Mekaela  Lulu Boys High School. More than half of the students have a scholarship from different local and international charities. The schools provide boarding facilities for children from the age of 10 years with boarding being mandatory for students of the class Standard 8.

Mekaela Academies is a non-profit organisation.


 Affordable qualitiy education for every child in Kenya.


 Discover the best in every child.

R - Responsibility
E - Empathy
S - Sincerity
P - Passion
E - Endurance
C - Courage
T - Tolerance