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The fact is with us and quite indisputable that the world today and yesterday are as different as white from black. The rise in the level of technology cannot just allow us to live as we did in the past. Almost everything in our day to day life calls for the use of a computer.
therefore, computer literacy has became one of the most essential necessities in life. Our learners are not left behind in this current trend. They get opportunity to interact with the computers. Besides the e-learning programme dubbed MsingiPACK,
our learners attend computer lessons in our well equipped computer laboratory in the bid to ensure that we have a well-informed and all round literate generation.
This is why we are unique, The Mekaela.


 Too much work without play makes Jack a dull boy and so the say goes. Alongside the strict academic discipline, our learners are exposed to numerous co-curriculum activities such as swimming, music,basketball, volleyball, soccer and so many more.


    We are quite aware of the role a talent plays in the life of a learner and that is why at Mekaela Likunda we give it a prime consideration. By the way, have I told you that our soccer and volleyball teams swept the board at the sub-county level of KPSA ball games competitions last weekend? Yeah, actually it is true and below is our headmistress Md Florence receiving the trophy at the assembly. Do you know what this means? That our school will represent the larger Msambweni sub-county at the county level, Wow!


    At Mekaela, we take pride in nurturing holistic development of the learner.

Dear parents and friends of Mekaela Academies below please find our 2016 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) results,

1.Mekaela likunda school
      Highest score 413
      5 candidates scored above 400 marks
      School Mean score 371 Marks

2.Mekaela Heshima School
     Highest score 396
     Lowest score  356
     School mean score 377.68

3.Mekaela Manuel Alexander
      Highest score 390
      Only 1 candidate scored less than 300 marks
      School Mean score 344.70