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Dear parents and friends of Mekaela Academies below please find our 2016 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) results,

1.Mekaela likunda school
      Highest score 413
      5 candidates scored above 400 marks
      School Mean score 371 Marks

2.Mekaela Heshima School
     Highest score 396
     Lowest score  356
     School mean score 377.68

3.Mekaela Manuel Alexander
      Highest score 390
      Only 1 candidate scored less than 300 marks
      School Mean score 344.70


Dear all,
We are doing well in Mekaela Likunda. Today they are finishing their end month exams.
The candidates are fairing on well. They are all geared towards the finishing. We are very hopeful that they will make us proud. We are working hard and leaving no stone unturned until the bitter end. Thanks for your support and keep praying for us as we wined up.
The term is too short and very soon we shall be closing school but we have very special and educative programs for our children to shorten the long holiday. Plans are underway and soon we shall be giving you more details . All the best and have a good day

The last week has seen us through key activities.

Outstanding students day out:

On Wednesday, the outstanding students in various disciples were treated to a day out.

This day, the administration took time to go through an interactive training, with the students apart from having meals and refreshments.

This was because, we wanted to challenge them even more and even use them to challenge the others that had missed this event.

As we left the venue, the students had made a solemn agreement that they are going to be ambassadors in their particular classes, and the schools at large.




At Mekaela Manuel Alexander,the school transport system comprise of modern and classic school buses which pick and drop our pupils at their door steps. The system is reliable, efficient and effective since pupils are picked and dropped at their destinations in time. This has helped us run our programmes well and in time.

Our transport system, guarantees pupils safety because the transport personnel is trained on child handling and child care techniques,therefore,utmost care for our pupils is a priority. Thanks to the transport department.