Manuel Alexander Prize Giving Day

10 May 2016, 12:00 am
Published in LATEST NEWS

Motivation is a key factor of learning in Mekaela Manuel Alexander School. Cheers and shouts of jubilation rent the air as pupils and teachers gathered for PRIZE GIVING.
Pupils were exuberant, blissful and ecstatic as they received their awards in different categories. This included- Academics- top positions, most improved, best essay writers , best English speakers and best Kiswahili speakers.
Discipline was also factored in as this is the back born in success. Most disciplined pupil was recognized and awarded. In responsibility,most identified responsible pupils were appreciated.
Cleanliness and hygiene mirrored well as many pupils featured, the cleanest pupil took the day.
Leadership and Organization- the most dedicated student leader received a prize to energize for the good work.
Through motivation, education in Mekaela Manuel Alexander is guaranteed to rise to a higher level. As it goes ''Instructions does many things but MOTIVATION DOES ALL THINGS''
Congrats to management for making this happen!