Introducing Shule Pepe, the future for schools.

Published in LATEST NEWS
We’re glad to be the pioneer school partner of Shule Pepe, an e-learning platform that is set to revolutionize the delivery of academic content to learners across the country and the region. Shule Pepe prides itself in offering a bespoke and intuitive platform where teachers and learners can Connect, Collaborate and Interact. It’s a web-based platform that can be accessed by use of any internet-enabled device i.e. smartphones, tablets, laptops and PC’s. It boasts of academic content that is localized, developed by highly-qualified educators and is compliant to the 8-4-4 & Competency-Based Curriculum. The platform currently caters to learners from Grade 4 up to Form 4. As a partner school, all our learners in the above mentioned classes have been enrolled onto the platform since August 2020. The system has been able to support over 1400 of our learners and around 100 from schools all over the country. Due to Shule Pepe’s strategic partnership with the leading Mobile Service Provider-Safaricom; our learners have been able to benefit from the affordable Education Data Pass, therefore allowing them uninterrupted access to Shule Pepe’s e-learning platform. Join Shule Pepe today by visiting for more details.