Mekaela Weber Primary School, based in Kombani area, has a very vibrant Art Club led by the patron-Mr. Aloise Ochieng.

Mr. Aloise doubles up as the Art, Craft and Music subject teacher in Grade 4 & 5.

The Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) brought back the Art, Craft and Music subject in Primary schools after almost two decades.

The club held their first ever Art Gallery and Exhibition on 11th September, 2021. The Art work presented was themed "Creativity within", whereby every student showcased their own individual creation made using locally available materials.

The Legendary Pablo Picasso once said "Every Child is an Artist..." and at Mekaela we strive to nurture our students in a holistic manner, encouraging gifts, talents and passions to thrive alongside their academic activities.

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On 9th September, 2021; students from Mekaela Ratinga Primary School had their turn to use the Electronic Voting and Tallying system to elect their student leaders.

Unlike many other schools, that either conduct manual elections i.e. paper based; we at Mekaela are leading the pack in pioneering this electronic system that guarantees learners their Democratic right to vote using the 'secret-ballot' method, integrity of the ballots cast, and real-time tallying and result analysis.

The process also enhances their Digital Competencies especially given the fact that we're in the 21st Century, and with the CBC curriculum encompassing the digital co-competencies that the learners are supposed to attain.

We also know that this system and election process, will shape the children into great Kenyan and Global Citizens.

The video below highlights the key events of the entire election process at Mekaela Ratinga Primary School

On the 25th of August, 2021 students at Mekaela Likunda Primary School had the opportunity to elect their student leaders using the newly-launched Electronic Voting and Tallying system.

The students had first-hand experience on the benefits of technology integration in the voting, tallying and election-result analysis.

The Elections were fair, credible and done in record time.

Watch the video below to see how the process of voting was carried out.

This week, we launched the first ever Electronic/online Student Governing Council Voting and election tallying in the history of Mekaela Academies.

A Grade 3 pupil being assisted to key her details on the tablet.

Our Pioneer institution- Mekaela Manuel Alexander School, had the enviable chance of pioneering the use of technology in student elections.

A pupil awaiting for their turn to vote.

For long, our students were used to the manual voting i.e. ballot casting, counting, and tallying.

As our schools have continued to embrace and incorporate ICT in classrooms; the students were at the ripe-stage where they would be introduced to this new style of voting.

An election observer (in tracksuit) ensuring all is well!

Electronic voting offers a myriad of advantages as compared to manual voting, among these include: Fast & efficient ballot casting; no-paper work (saving a tree); fair and transparent elections with minimal human-interference; no spoiled votes; real-time vote tallying and analysis.

Real-Time Vote Tallying & Results

The Panel of Observers during the Result announcement ceremony

The students enjoyed the process which, in a school of over 250 students, took under 2hours to complete the entire voting, tallying and result announcement. We had seven polling stations each equipped with a clerk, a returning officer, an observer, a tablet, and voters master roll.

Headteacher-Mr. Nyundo giving his speech after the elections
The exercise was made a success by the close co-operation between Teachers (polling clerks & returning officers), I.C.T Department, school administration, students, security team and the management for facilitating the entire event.

The Mekaela Academies Fraternity congratulates Zawadi Faith (pictured below) on clinching the Student Governing Council President's Position. We wish her all the best as she leads her team in this academic year.

Madam President, delivering her maiden speech.

H.E. Madam President Zawadi in her official School Uniform!

Click on the video below to watch how the election process was:

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