Lulu Girls School

The idea of establishing a Girls School has been in existence in the minds of our school directors as one of the major milestone in the growth of Mekaela Schools.

The dream was actualized on 2 nd May 2016, when the girls wing was opened. The split was necessitated by the fact that parents have always wanted the girls to learn in a secluded environment to avoid the effects of unhealthy relationships between the two genders and to also create a spirit of academic competition with our brother school Mekaela Lulu High, as well as in the county and beyond.

The journey started in term one, where the pioneer girls in form two and one were prepared and counseled on the transition that was to take place . Our management spent quality time with the girls in anticipation of coming home ie .Lulu Girls, The girls were also involved in selecting a name for the school, so that they own the whole process. At first we faced a number of challenges , but we did manage to surmount them, and this is attributed from the numerous , counseling sessions that had taken place prior the relocation.

We aspire to mould a well balanced girl integrating the Physical, Spiritual and Academic aspects. At Lulu Girls we are cultivating a culture of responsibility as well as appreciating creative arts such as Music and life skills. In music we are aspiring to be a singing school and we have our Lulu Girls National Anthem.

The girls are determined to work hard, in order to transform their future lives, and are driven by the school motto that states Learning to make a difference.





Mrs Mutua - Headmistress


School Admin


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