Lulu Boys' High School Fee


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 1) ADMISSION FEE (*)  5,000   
 2) CAUTION FEE  2,000   
 3) UNIFORMS (FULL SET)   7,200   
 4) BOOK FUND  10,000   
 5) MEDICAL CARD  250   
 6) TUITION FEE (SCHOOL FEE)    25,000  
 7) BOARDING FEE   19,950  
 8) EXAM + ACTIVITY FEE  FORM 1 TO 3  5,000  
   FORM 4          9,500  

(*)  Students who join from a Mekaela Academies primary school are not required to pay admission fee.

Please note:

  1. Fee payments must be paid in full before the student(s) report to school. Bank slips shall be required before admission of the student(s) into the school.
  2. School uniforms are available in the school. In order to get the right shades and designs, it is advisable that you get at least the first pair from school.
  3. Pocket money and any other students’ money should be deposited at the students' bank in the accounts office.
  4. All fee payments must be deposited in our school account.

Please make payments to either:

Lulu High School   
Account No. 0440292868200   
Equity Bank   
Ukunda Branch   
Branch No. 68044 
Mekaela Lulu Boys High School
Account No. 1006099676
NIC Bank
Diani Branch