LHS Facilities

Dormitory Facilities

Basketball Court / Sports fields.

Computer Laboratory
Computer lab fitted with glass windows and air-conditioning and internet access.

Chemistry laboratory.
Thanks to HelpAlliance of Lufthansa the lab now has a concrete ceiling, equipment and all materials you need to conduct some decent chemistry lessons. The physics lab has undergone a similar upgrade, partly financed by HelpAlliance as well.

The LHS gallery. Fire extinguishers are mandatory, but we also want to establish our own school fire brigade by training the older students in fire fighting.  Fire protection is taken very serious at Mekaela Academies.

Security is a very important issue in Kenya. A significant number of watchmen is on duty at every school of Mekaela Academies at night and at daytime. Trained dogs guard the boarding schools as intruder detectors, they are much better than humans. Our “Askaris” are true heroes: albeit their meagre pay they risk their lives to protect the children every day. The danger is quite real for them: so far one watchman was killed by burglars during an night raid of one of our schools. LHS Security Officer