Fee Schedule

The fees noted in the attached pdf files are for the current academic year.

Enrollment / Re-Enrollment Contract

New students to complete an admission form upon their application being accepted and having passed the interview. Re-enrollment for the following school year is offered to current students each first term of a new academic year. Student account must be in good standing for  re-enrollment to be offered.

New students will be considered enrolled once the admission form has been returned to the school with the signature of an authorized parent/guardian and the required fees deposited to the school bank account.

Please note:

  1. Fee payments MUST be paid in full before the student(s) report to school. Bank slips shall be required before admission of the student(s) into the school.
  2. School uniforms are available in the school. In order to get the right shades and designs, it is advisable that you get at least the first pair from school.
  3. Pocket money and any other students’ money should be deposited at the students' bank in the accounts office.
  4. All fee payments must be deposited in our school bank accounts as indicated in the fee structures.

Click on the Fee Structures below to view:

Mekaela Manuel Alexander School Fees Structure

Mekaela Likunda Primary School Fees Structure

Mekaela Ratinga Primary School Fees Structure

Mekaela Weber Primary School Fees Structure

Mekaela Lulu Boys' High School Fees Structure

Mekaela Lulu Girls' High School Fees Structure