MA has spacious and modern classrooms which can accommodate up to 40 children, however, we have a policy to admit 30 children per class. Each school has a computer lab equiped with state of the art laptops and internet(at controled levels). All the children access the computer lab within their levels, less in the lower classes and more in the higher ones.

In the high school section, we have Science laboratories fully equiped and divided into lessons, Phsyics, Chemistry and Biology.

We have Boarding sections for the high schools hence we do not allow day scholars in that level to contain behaviour and improve performance.

The Primary schools are both Day and Boarding hence they can serve both the local and far away communities. The Dorm are spacious and have cubicles to imrpove on privacy and behaviour control among the children.

The domitories have caretakers (Matrons for the girls and Janitors for the boys) who are housed together with the children for greater care. The modern and adequate toilets and showers are within the domitory to avoid any inconveniences to the children

We have trained and adequate security personel in our schools day and night as well as external alarm systems for any distress call to secure the schools and the children.
For the day scholars and to ease internal movements as well as any excursions, we have 3 school buses whch serve all the schools. They are large capacity, well maintained buses with well trained personel to handle the children.

We have a variety of Playing fields in all or schools ranging from football pitches, volley ball, badminton and basket ball fields. Thelittle children have seperate fields with nice sandy playlands for protecting them equped with swings, climbers, slides and pits.
We also have reading and relaxing parks where children can just sit and while away any free times they may have.

Each school has a well stocked library where children go to read or borrow books they may need. We believe in developing a good reading culture hence the establihment and equiping of the libraries.