At Mekaela Academies we ae proud of our alumni and what they have gone on to and continue to achieve after their time at one of our schools. The following are some of our alumni featured in our "Mekaela Times" annual magazine of 2015.

“Thank you Mekaela Academies for everything you do”.

I am fortunate to have people like you, devoted to supporting students in their studies and career development. I am what I am today for the lessons I learnt while at one of your prestigious Lulu High School. Although I was not the best academically you told me to give my best and that I did, I am proud of my grade that has catapulted me to taking course of my choice. Needless to say, your emphasis on character development and numerous guidance sessions with my best teachers in the world has landed me in the right career.

As I take to the space on my flying lessons at South Africa Flight Training Academy today, I do so with confidence because you told me so I was excited to meet pupils, students’ par- ents and teachers from Mekaela Academies here at South Africa during your international trips.

I am a proud of Mekaela Academies for the firm foundation it laid in me.

When I took to the podium in this year’s National Music Festival I was sure I would nail it because I have been told to believe in myself. I was runner up in German solo verse in this year’s National Music Festival. Thank you to my teachers I owe it to you.

The future starts now - for all of us.

“I knew this year's award would come to Lulu High School and particularly to me,” Sauda said, “because I believed in the preparation that I had done.” And she was right as she won the prestigious “Equity Bank Wings To Fly” Award. Throughout her schooling in Mekaela Academies Sauda proved to have a clear vision that she never steered away. This coupled with the tireless effort that she got from her teachers. Sauda finally walked out of secondary schooling with what every parent would wish for their child.

Currently, she is working at Equity Bank, Ukunda branch. The bank offers career mentorships apart from giving full sponsorship for university studies.