School Curriculum

The Mekaela Academies follow the National Education system -8.4.4, which means 8 years in Primary, 4 years in High School and 4 years in University. Before the defined system stars, the children go through Early Childhood which starts from age 3 to 5 or Baby Class, Kindergarten 1 and 2 then the Primary level starts from age 6 or thereabout.

MA teaches extra subject in Primary other than the prescribed, these include German Language and Computer. As the world goes IT then our children need to tag along and hence the program which has modern laptops and teachers to deliver to the children.

MA also teaches Life Skills to her children after realizing that many basic skills are fading away from the younger generation. Simple cooking, sowing, cleaning, etiquette and general life practices are emphasized and inculcated into the lives of the young ones.

MA has also has very vibrant Guidance and Counselling departments in each school which equips and counsels children when need arises. We believe in prevention but we are also ready for the cure in case it is required.