Kindergarten, Primary & High School

all on the South Coast of Kenya

Mekaela Academies started as an initiative to bring education to children in the coastal areas of Kenya in 1996 with our first school Manuel Alexander School.

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The Schools

The five schools that comprise the Mekaela Academies are situated around Ukunda,
a small town approximately 50 km south of Mombasa city in Kwale County
on the South Coast of Kenya.

Mekaela Online Academy

Mekaela Online Academy is the seventh and the newest school under Mekaela Academies establishment.

It is located on your way to Mwabungo, 600m from The Marianist Technical College-Ukunda.

It is about 50m off Ukunda-LulangaLunga Road, and located within the Josef Seibel Africa (ROMIKA) grounds.

It is the first of its kind within Kwale County and the entire region.

The Mekaela Online Academy Studio Complex comprises 16 fully-furnished studios, with state-of-the-art equipment. The complex runs on Green-Energy, with solar panels spanning the entire roof and a 130kVa Back-up Generator.

The location of the school is strategic, to guarantee good quality sound & video of our lessons without any background noise interference.

Mekaela Online Academy developed a premier online learning platform known as Shule Pepe

Shule Pepe covers the entire curriculum with retention exercises that raise students’ grades, help with lesson planning, and records every student’s profile and results. All content on Shule Pepe is designed and curated by experienced teachers from Mekaela Academies.

Students on Shule Pepe have access to professional teacher support via chat, forums and video conferencing.

Currently, we cater for learners from Grade 4 to Form 4 featuring live video classes, access to class notes, online submission of both exams and assignments.But, our Research and Development Team is in the final stages of including the lower and pre-school learners onto Shule Pepe

Shule Pepe has an enrollment of over 2,000 students, and has the capacity to serve more than 100,000 learners from any part of the country or the world at large.

Welcome to the Mekaela Online Academy and experience affordable, effective, reliable and bespoke digital learning.

Our History

Mekaela Academies, the umbrella organization of our five schools, began as a concept for a private school
for the education of children by the founders Frank Muether, Micki Wentzel and Stefan Wentzel.


1993 to 1996
The founders Frank Muether, Micki Wentzel and Stefan Wentzel develop a concept for a private school for the education of children in Kenya. Mekaela Academies is registered as an educational organisation, purchases its first plot and begins construction of "Manuel Alexander School" (MAS) to honour the first donor.

1999 to 2002
Construction of a second primary school, called "Likunda Primary School" (LPS) as a boarding school. Two school buildings, a dining hall and some provisional dormitories are erected.

1997 to 1999
Several classrooms are added to MAS. Due to riots in the area many families living in South Coasts flee their homes into their tribal territories. At the peak of the crisis, the number of pupils drops from 200 to 90, the project faces termination. Donations from Germany help rescue the project. A sports field, a playground and a third building are built.


2003 to 2004
Introduction of computer lessons as subjects without exams at Mekaela Academies. The boarding section of LPS is extended, around 400 pupils are attending MAS and LPS which are operating at their maximum capacity. The planning for a third school, Lulu High School (LHS), commences.