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At Mekaela Manuel Alexander,the school transport system comprise of modern and classic school buses which pick and drop our pupils at their door steps. The system is reliable, efficient and effective since pupils are picked and dropped at their destinations in time. This has helped us run our programmes well and in time.

Our transport system, guarantees pupils safety because the transport personnel is trained on child handling and child care techniques,therefore,utmost care for our pupils is a priority. Thanks to the transport department.







Amongst many other school activities at Mekaela Manuel Alexander school,guidance and counseling is key. Through this program,we have realized pupils who were academically low remarkably come up. Besides academics,guidance and counseling has greatly helped our pupils in many aspects such couping

with emotions,understanding themselves,responsibility,setting up academic goals among others. Special thanks to the department for its commitment


At Mekaela Manuel Alexander school,pupils interact with a wide range of learning resources at the library as well as laptops in the computer lab. This has promoted learner centered approach in learning since learners are self-reliant.

Reading culture amongst our pupils has greatly improved through the use of school research centers.

The knowledge gained is also reflected in essay writing as research is the mother of invention.







Amani is a swahili word meaning peace. The club was formed with an aim of sensitizing the learners in Lulu with peace issues.

Peace is a very important and key component of life. As it said, you will not miss the water till the well runs dry, peace is usually not value when it prevails. It is only when it is not there that people long for it.

In Mekaela Lulu, we have taken a different move on that. We are training our students the importance of peace and encourage them to do the same to others.
Last weekend, the Amani club, under the leadership of Madam Herman, went to participate in the county Amani club competitions. They did wonders, they did us pride. They managed to put up with the challenge on responding to questions and also in debating. They emerged second.

Term two at Manuel Alexander begins with an opening assembly. Smiles of joy and laughters are plastered on all pupils faces as teachers welcome them back to school.
Inculcation of leadership qualities in pupils is evident as the school student speaker (Pinket Wangechi)
makes her welcoming speech before teachers and fellow pupils.,.........'' I take this chance to welcome you all back to school hoping that you had a good and enjoyable holiday. My request to you all is that we should work hard in our academics and also uphold discipline as self discipline promotes excellence.......thank you and God bless you....''